Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brain booster

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have better memory???
 no worries for everything....
everything just in a good place to be placed..

Here, I would like to share some thought how to booster your brain effectively, just get it from my own reading, dont't mind to shared it at here....
 To improve memory, we need to set 2 goals;
 1) improve our brain health : 'natural' memory
2) trained our memory

● Eat brain foods often often to give our brain the nutrients it needs. ( drink plain water more)
 ●vitamins - take supplement and vitamins as needed to improve our brain with extra nutrients that may be missing from our daily diet taken.
 ●brain games - Play brain games every day to strengthen brain skills including concentration and memory. ( addicted with UNBLOCK ME FREE)
● sleep - get enough sleep to consolidate memories and provide mental energy. (trying to get enough sleep) 

■ Mnemonic tricks - such as rhymes and acronyms
 ■ speed reading - increased reading speed, would improve better comprehension of the material.
■journal writing - keep a journal to help strengthen memory of the events in our life, also known as episodic memory... should I says, blogging also a better ways to keep a journal...
 ■ mental exercises - weave memory excercises into our daily routine strengthen our memory...

 p/s: missing my car key... couldn't help myself to find it,,...huwaaaaaa :(:(:(

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